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Help us identify deserving kids for free tickets to a Suns game!

Bright Side of the Sun and the Phoenix Suns have teamed up to donate 250 tickets to underprivileged kids to attend a Suns game on February 25. This is the second such night we've sponsored this season alone!

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We need your help!

Help us identify some deserving kids to send to the Phoenix Suns game against the Brooklyn Nets on Thursday, February 25.

Bright Side Night, version 1.1

Bright Side of the Sun and the Phoenix Suns have teamed up to put together 250 tickets to donate to underprivileged kids to attend their first NBA game.

These kids don't care that the Suns are awful, or that the Nets are awful. What they care about is having the night of their lives! And going to an NBA game with their classmates and peers can be just that.

We have 125 donated tickets left over from last November's event, and the Suns are matching that with 125 of their own.

What we did last November

Just look what happened last November when we did this!

What we need from you

Nothing out of your pocket. Not a dime. The tickets are already paid for.

All we need from YOU is to connect us with some worthy kids or youth organizations.

The game is in just over two weeks, so need to identify the kids soon. Please help. We know some of you work with youth, or have been exposed to youth programs. We'd love to help some kids out and give them an experience of a lifetime.

We are focusing on non-profit organizations who support underprivileged kids. Could be a shelter, a school, an after-school program, or something along those lines.

Please email me your recommendations and I'll forward them on to our Suns rep!

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