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Intentionally Foul Episode 8: The Hornacek Debacle & The Trade Deadline

In Episode 8, Scott and Sreekar discuss the further descent of the Suns into awfulness, including Hornacek's firing, possible replacement coaches, trades, and plenty more.

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It's been a month since Sreekar and I did an episode of Intentionally Foul.  At that point we titled the post "The Phoenix Suns are a Mess" - things have actually managed to get worse since then.  I almost began this post by referencing Shakespeare's Henry V - which with the way this team is trending is probably something we should all take a little more interest in.

Anyway, the team you like (since you probably like the Suns if you listen to this podcast) is 1-13 since our last recording and fired the head coach.

On this episode, we're going to discuss whether we think the Hornacek firing was fair, talk about which Suns players are going to stay or go at the trade deadline, and talk about all the random stuff that you're used to hearing about.  Yes that includes the beloved Orange Mamba.

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