Analyzing our 2018 Miami Heat Draft Pick.... and sharing an exciting idea

2018 first round draft pick from Miami:

Miami's 1st round pick to Phoenix protected for selections 1-7 in 2018 (conveyable if Miami conveys a 1st round pick to Philadelphia in 2016) and unprotected in 2019

  • This pick could end up being very good for us because it's pretty possible that some free agents leave Miami and they'll be a bottom 7 team by 2018. These are the Top ranked players in the class of 2017 that we'd be choosing from as of right now. Note that this list is pretty much guaranteed to change come draft time.

Please Consider this idea I'm about to share with you.If we don't get Ben Simmons in this upcoming draft I think that it would be a good idea that we try to set up a 3 team trade that sends our 2018 Heat Pick + Eric Bledsoe and maybe another pick, then we receive the Nets 2017 Pick so that we can draft Lonzo Ball. Or we could just hold onto that 2018 pick and hope something good happens.

ABOUT LONZO BALL: Right now as a Senior in high school he's a 195lb 6'5"-6'6" PG. Scouts say that he "is a lengthy point guard prospect who has extremely long arms and overall great length. He is a true point guard who is arguably the best passer in the country, regardless of class. His vision and pin-point passing acumen is high-level" -scouting report on He also gets compared to Jason Kidd by a lot of people and I can see why. Lonzo is more athletic than Kidd was but here's a video of Jason Kidd's HS Championship game and here is Lonzo Ball's HS Championship game. I've watched full games of Lonzo's so I'm not just going off of highlights.

  • This is a super "what ify" scenario, I know, but I think it is pretty realistic it just needs some things to go our way and I think it's fun to think about. Lonzo controls the game without taking a lot of shots and could go so well with Booker and a high scoring wing like Brandon Ingram or TJ Warren. Alex Len would get so many easy buckets near the rim like Nash used to do for Amare.