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Phoenix Suns hang tough, but fall to Golden State Warriors, 123-116

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Congratulations to the Phoenix Suns.  Eff the haters.  This is a moral victory worth taking.  They made a game out of a game that never should have been a game.

Alex Len played fantastic ball until foul trouble seemingly derailed him late in the game.  Brandon Knight gave us the best and worst of him pouring in a relatively efficient 30 points on 11-20 shooting, with 6 assists and 6 turnovers.

Phoenix got double-double efforts from Alex Len (26 points and 13 rebounds), Tyson Chandler (12 points and 12 rebounds) and the golden child, Devin Booker (18 points and 11 assists).

Phoenix might have had a chance, but Marreese Speights stepped up with 25 points and 9 rebounds when Steph Curry (35 points) left the game with foul trouble.

It was a fun one to watch and I am drunk but not defeated.  Which is probably the opposite of most of the Suns right now.

OK, due to technical difficulties, I was totally unable to follow my own drinking rules for the first 8 minutes of the game.  Or take notes.

First Quarter (Sort of)

* The Suns are keeping this mad respectable so far.  They are shooting an unsustainably high percentage.

* I am also keeping things mad respectable so far.  I am drinking a sustainably small quantity of beer.  That will get rectified shortly.

* Dubs lead 20-19 despite shooting 33%.  2:30 left to go.

* Oh boy.  The Warriors got they groove back.  Have scored 5 points in last 45 seconds.

* MIRZA!  Gonna be a long night for me if the powder forwards keep this up.  Thank god Budinger missed his 3 attempt.

* Steph Curry is too good at this game.  He  regularly makes the shots that Kobe occasionally thought he could make.

* 1st quarter ends with the Warriors up 31-24.  Both teams shot 48%.  One is just much better than the other.

Second quarter

* Chase Budinger collects 4 fouls in his first 5 minutes.  Does that count as conjuring lightning?  I’m finishing my drink anyway.

* Annnnd just like that the Warriors are up by 10.  9:30 left to go in the second quarter.

*Alex Len may never be an All-Star, but he’s going to start for a looooonnnng time in the league.

* I did not factor in "great defensive possession by the Suns into my drinking rules.  Which is good, because it would have been a "finish your drink" and I don’t need that right now.

* Suns follow that with a pair of missed 3s by Mirza Teletovic and John Jenkins.  Alex Len fights hard for the tap-in though.

* Len with a nice feed to a slashing Goodwin.

* Guys, Alex Len might be good at the game of basketball after all.

* Too good.  That double-double got my finishing a nearly full beer.  Recap’s about to get real good.

* I like Mirza’s boy band haircut.

* I am not as big a fan of the Mirza post-up.  That dunk attempt was sad.

* Hearing Tyson Chandler yell "and 1" makes me miss Markieff Morris not at all.

* The Suns are playing a great all-around game so far.  The Dubs look like the Dubs and yet… Suns within 4 at the half.

Third Quarter

* Booker with 9 points and 5 assists in the first half. We might be looking at multiple Suns double-doubles here.

* Damn, that lob to Bogut was pretty.

* Lennnnnnn mid-rannnnnnnge.  Drink, fools.

* Len followed that with a nice feed to Tyson Chandler, which Andrew Bogut completely rejected.  Unfortunate.

* Then the Warriors did Warrior things on offense resulting in a wide open Klay Thompson corner 3.

* Warriors lead 65-58 with 10 minutes left in the 3rd.

* Remember this: 7:50 left in the 3rd quarter and Steph Curry leaves the game with 4 fouls.

* Remember this too: 7:48 left in the 3rd quarter and Alex Len leaves the game with 4 fouls.

* 70-70.  6:40 left in the 3rd.

* I'm counting that as a successfully led P.J. Tucker fastbreak.  Finish that drink, son.

* The Warriors make such crisp plays I have no idea how Phoenix is still in this game.  Brandon Knight just tied it and Devin Booker makes it a 2-point Suns lead... with a chance for 3!

* I don't even know.  Suns are leading this thing 81-75 with 3:25 left in the 3rd and beating the Warriors at Smallball of all things.

* LOLwut.  Brandon Knight just made back-to-back 3s and Booker hit a fadeaway. Suns lead by NINE WHOLE POINTS with 2 minutes left in the 3rd.

* LOLwut, part 2: Suns lead by NINE WHOLE POINTS heading into the 4th quarter: 95-86.

4th Quarter

* Welp.  That was fast.  The Dubs scored 7 points in 58 seconds.  Roaracle is on fire and the score is 95-93, Pee-Aich-Ex.

* Make it 9 in a row.  Mo Speights ties it up 95-95, 9:36 left to go after a bunch of traded misses by both teams.

* Dammit.  Literally just cracked a beer and noticed the D-Book double-double.

* Also, Maurice Speights is killing Phoenix.  23 points in 14 minutes.. and the lead for the Warriors.

* OK. Brandon Knight is crazy on fire tonight.  Give it up for the man.  Suns by 1.

* Klay answers.  105-103 GSW with 6:49 left.

* Also, Brandon Knight is 4 assists away from putting me in a coma with another finished drink.

* Brandon Knight is looking as sharp as he has as a Sun.  It's pretty.  Might not be enough, but it's pretty.  108-108 with 5 minutes left.

* Alex Len just missed a tough jumper, but I love how aggressive he is now.  Just fearless on offense.

* It was fun while it lasted.  Warriors finally took over.  9 point lead with 2:35 to go.  There's no coming back from this.

* Damn it.  Tyson Chandler got a double-double too.  I am housed.

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