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Watch: Brandon Knight leads Suns to near upset with 30 points, 7 assists and a BIG block

With fans like these, who needs rivals?

I've rarely seen a fan base troll their own player as hard as Suns (or at least BSotS) fans troll on Brandon Knight. To read comments - including those surely to grace this page below - you'd think Knight is a much worse player than he actually is. Phil Pressey has more fans among BSotSers than Knight, I'd wager.

"If he isn't making shots he's a bad player" - this immediately after Knight had led a third quarter charge with five threes to put the Suns up 9 on the best-in-a-lifetime Warriors who were playing good basketball.

"Sure he scored 30 but did you SEE those awful lobs attempts?" - this one was my favorite. Especially since it was in the wake of a near Suns win that no one should be able to argue Knight was the problem.

I tweeted the other day that Suns fans' disdain for Knight had basically put Knight on the same level as Jimmer Fredette. Except that Jimmer has a lot more fans.

And then there's this. A Suns fans searched through the comments section of Knight highlight video and found this to post on twitter for other Suns fans to read and laugh about.

Here's Brandon Knight's best move of the year, since it's on "awesome defender" Klay Thompson rather than just Marcelo Huertas.

Look, I'm not saying Brandon Knight is a great player, because he's not.

I'm not saying I'd rather play him ahead of Devin Booker or Eric Bledsoe, because I don't.

I'm not saying I want him as my starting point guard long term, because I don't.

I'm just saying that Knight is a very good NBA player with some special skills who is still learning the game of basketball.

He's got:

  • the Suns only triple double this season (10+ points, assists, rebounds in same game)
  • four 30+ point games
  • four games of 6+ made threes
  • four 10+ assist games
  • three games with >6 turnovers (I actually expected this to be much higher)

He doesn't always make the smart play, and his good intentions don't always work out. But I like watching him play basketball. And I like rooting for the guys who play for my team and have never said anything negative to poison the well. He's only ever been nice to the players, the team, the fans, and the organization.

I guess being a Brandon Knight fans makes me a rare individual.

Grab your pitchforks, tar and lighter fluid. See you in the comment section.

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