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Watch: Alex Len dominates with 26 points, 13 rebounds, 3 assists

Now here's someone the BSotS fan base just loves. Phoenix Suns center Alex Len is growing into one of the best big men in the game of basketball, and last night against the Warriors was one of his best yet.

The only thing holding Len back in the game against the Warriors was foul trouble. Still, he poured in 26 points from all over the floor and grabbed 13 nasty rebounds. Even his assists were fun to watch.

I am SO GLAD the Suns finally figured out the right buttons to push for Alex Len to become the Alex Len we always knew was in there. Gone is the hesitation. Gone is the fear of making mistakes. Len is just out there acting on instinct, and it's great.

He's now got a streak of 7 straight 10+ rebound games, and has eight double-doubles in scoring/rebounds in last 11 games.

And he's still one of only five NBA players averaging 17+ points and 12+ rebounds since the All-Star break.

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