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Who was better? Devin Booker (18p, 11a) or Klay Thompson (20p, 6r, 3a)?

The Phoenix Suns led in the fourth quarter before losing to the vaunted Warriors, but the Suns had some great individual games including one from 19-year old Devin Booker.

This kid is only 19 years old. But Devin Booker plays like a veteran and last night's game against the Golden State Warriors was no exception.

Just consider that Booker is acting as much as a playmaker as he is a shooter. Booker had 11 assists against the Warriors vs. 0 turnovers (compared to PG Brandon Knight's 7 assists vs. 6 turnovers).

My only regret is that Booker only got 18 points on his 19 shots, so he couldn't become the only teenager in NBA history to have three straight 30+ point games. Booker had plenty of chances to get his points - he just didn't make enough shots.

Still, the game was masterful.

Booker's closest comp coming out of college was Klay Thompson because of the perfect shooting stroke they share. But each has other strengths - Thompson is a better defender while Booker is a better playmaker - that will separate them as time goes on.

But today's question is: who was better last night?

Watch and vote.

And when you vote, try to not think about how badly Knight made Thompson look in that third quarter. This is just Klay against Booker.


Who was better? Booker or Klay Thompson?

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