The Resurgence of the Suns and Lakers Rivalry

The Suns and Lakers used to be a fight to the death every time they met. The hatred for one another is still there for the fans but we haven't met in the playoffs since 2010 so the hatred isn't there for the players except Kobe. Those were some of the best days when you had game 7's, Raja Bell dropping Kobe's punk ass with a clothesline, shit talk in the press conference and on the court, and some of the most entertaining and competitive games ever. It's been this way for decades, and I believe that we are about to see a resurgence of this rivalry between these two teams and it's going to be great.

Maybe Kobe has passed this hatred he has for us, down to his young ones

Because it is tradition to pass the rivalry down

  • First, you have Booker and D'agnelo who are good friends off the court but they'll hate each other on the court once they realize what kind of war this shit really is in the first playoff series
  • Then, you got this upcoming draft where Suns and Lakers will probably both get top 3 picks.
  • After that in free agency, Hassan Whiteside could go to the Lakers and get that huge contract and publicity you know he wants. Seriously, the guy wants to be recognized so bad as one of the best centers in the league and if it's attention he wants LA is the place. My point about this is that we all know that Len and Whiteside don't get along very well either.
  • Oh, and you could also throw in the fact that they might still have that douche Ron Artest and if you really want to stretch you could talk about the possibility of us getting Luke Walton as a coach who used to be on those old Kobe Laker teams.

Anyways, With the West looking like it did this year, I don't think it would be too crazy if one of us or both of us made the playoffs next year. All I know is that history repeats itself and that the NBA is all about waves and we are about to head into the next era of Suns vs Lakers now that the Kobe and Nash era is over.



One last note to any Laker fans on here (not including the bandwagon ones): Even though you are usually a very arrogant and annoying breed, in the end I think that click here.