Forget the Draft, Still Excited for Bogdan Bogdanovic

March madness is going on and the Suns are in full tank-mode. This has lots of Phoenix fans drooling over college prospects and who we may be getting next year with our draft picks. Bogdan Bogdanovic was taken in the 2014 draft by the Suns and he may finally be coming over next season. Many people don't know what type of player he is, or how he can help the team. I think there are three main reasons that he could be a solid player for the franchise:

Big Game Player

Remember last year when we lost all of those games by like one or two points? It was fairly entertaining, but also heartbreaking. It is safe to say the Suns are in need of someone to take the big shots. Bogdanovic has taken some large roles on his Euroleague team. This February, he made a last second three point shot to win the game in the Turkish Cup Championship. Earlier in January he made another game winner just inside the half-court line. He was named 2014-2015 Euroleague Top 16 round 11 MVP. He was also named the MVP recently for the Turkish Basketball Federation. This guy seems to show up for the big moments. He even dropped 17 against the Nets in a preseason game (not an important game, but I'm sure they were jacked to beat a team in the NBA).

Spot Up Shooter

The Suns already have a great shooter in Devin Booker. Think about having two snipers coming off of screens. Opposing team defenses would never get a chance to rest. Bogdanovic is shooting 40% from three in 2015-2016. If he can keep that up on an NBA level, the Suns duo could put up a lot of points quickly. Bogdanovic's basketball IQ is really high, demonstrated by his ability to get open using screens. He also improved his off the dribble shot while taking over the point guard role due to an injury on the team. At 6'6" and an almost 7' (crazy) wingspan, he can get his shot off easily.


When the backcourt featured Bledsoe and Dragic, it was pretty awesome. On the fast break Bledsoe would speed through defenses and Dragic would slash around them. This left opposing teams constantly on their heels and guessing what to do. Bledsoe will be back in the lineup next year, but we will still be missing that slasher role. Bogdanovic looks like he could be the skinny, lengthy slasher-type that we have been missing. Although his ideal position on the Suns would be the shooting guard, he has played extremely well in the point guard position. His numbers remained consistent even after the position change.