Need versus Want in this years draft

The Suns are locked into a pick that will fall between 1 through 8, most likely picking around 4 or 5. Then a second one probably between 11 to 16. I’ve heard this draft as being touted as a weak draft. Personally I don’t see it that way. There are two could be superstars at the top, and then a bunch of above average college players and raw potential scattered in the lottery and such. So while the draft definitely isn’t as deep as last year’s, I think that the lottery is still flush with good stuff.

Here are the players that are linked to the lottery sorted by their positions, ordered roughly by how often I see their names and where those names are on the mock drafter

Point Guard

  • Kris Dunn
  • Jamal Murray
  • Demetrus Jackson
  • Wade Baldwin
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Shooting Guard

  • Buddy Hield
  • Denzel Valentine
  • Malik Beasily
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Small Forward

  • Brandon Ingram
  • Jaylen Brown
  • Furkan Korkmaz
  • Timothe Luwawu
  • Tauran Price
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Power Forward

  • Ben Simmons
  • Dragon Bender
  • Henry Ellenson
  • Ivan Rabb
  • Skal Labissiere
  • Domantas Sabonis
  • Dejounte Murray
  • Brice Johnson
  • Deonte Davis
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  • Jakop Poeltl
Positions of need rankings

Power Forward, Small Forward, Center, Point Guard, Shooting Guard

Boston might be in front of us at the end of the year. They need shooting and a quality center, so they probably won’t take a power forward. Everybody in the draft lottery aside from LA, New Orleans, Orlando, Milwaukee, and Utah needs a Power Forward badly. That’s 9 teams, but I’d say only about 5 or 6 of those pfs are actually worth a lottery pick

The consensus picks near the top that aren’t power forwards are Brandon Ingram, Kris Dunn, Jamal Murray, Jaylen Brown, Buddy Hield, Jakop Poeltl. 6 Players. After that, barring a Euro or a random gamble, the power forwards will start to go. Meaning if we pick say 14th all that could be left from the power forward stock will be Brice Johnson or Deonte Davis.

Obviously we’d like to get the best player available for our high draft pick. But, if the best player available when our draft pick hits isn’t a power forward, do we risk missing a power forward all together? Or do we take our pick from the stack of power forwards, which would be the best pf available in the draft not named Ben Simmons, despite it being a reach? If we do that we can safely take a chance on anybody we like in the late lottery.

We would sacrifice a chance at Kris Dunn, Jaylen Brown, Buddy Hield, and Jamal Murray, which I know seems like heresy. However, these guys won’t have as much of a chance to play as a power forward would because of the people in front of them. Do any of these guys have polarizing talent that will push our team farther than their power forward counter parts? Or is it worth taking one of these guys who won’t play much in year one because of what they can be, and settle for the passed over pf or none at all.

Then again, is it so sure that the power forwards are what everyone’s interested in and we won’t see a quality one drop due to a wild card pick? Because by taking a power forward at the start we risk sacrificing our own wild card pick not being there.

Also taking picks that everyone is high on create potential trades…

What do you guys think?

Who would you like them to take?