Rosterbation: MKG + Farm

Again, this is short and sweet. The goal here is to get someone to solidify the lineup but wont break the bank while also developing a unique farm system.


Suns get: Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Spencer Hawes

Hornets get: Tyson Chandler, PJ Tucker, Wizards 1st round pick (You can add more picks/Goodwin here if you like)

The Suns do this to finish up the starting lineup in the short term. Adding MKG, an elite perimeter defender who has just started to expand his offensive game this year out to three, could play the opposite forward position to Warren and guard the better forward at all times, similar to how Bledsoe could guard the best guard at all times.The reason why the Hornets do this is because they have lacked interior defense and vet presence for a long time. Jefferson and Batum will likely be headed elsewhere, and Zeller doesnt look like he will be as good of a two way center as they had hoped. Bringing in Chandler and Tucker could make them a more stable team overall. In addition to this, they get a very solid lottery pick to make up for the age gap in this trade. Hawes can be a role player, but overall was just included as a filler to make the salaries work.


3rd Overall pick: Jacob Poeltl, C, Utah

With the departure of Tyson Chandler and the shaky development of Len, we shock the world and draft Poeltl as a development project in case Len doesnt work out in the long run. Jacob is an extremely dominate 7'1" man on either side of the court. He averages nearly 70% from the floor and gets 1.5 blocks a game. He has all the weight he needs to come in on day 1. He can also be stashed if he needs to.

Cavs Pick: Nigel Hayes, F, Wisconsin

With Tucker going in the trade, a reserve forward would be needed.

Our 2nd round pick: Dorian Finney-Smith

Like I said, this is a farm build. So get as many prospects as you can.


Resign Leuer, not Mirza. Now with Tucker and Chandler's money off the books, we can be a little bit more aggressive in free agency. We can grab someone like Dwight Powell who fits our youth scheme.


G: Bledsoe / Knight (6th man of the year candidate)

G: Booker / Goodwin / Bogdan

F: Warren / Hayes / Finney-Smith

F: MKG / Leuer / Hawes (I would keep him, but too many guys in front of him, a buy out would be ideal)

C: Len / Powell / Poeltl

Like I said before. Try to have at least 2 guys on the Jam at all times. The idea here is that on the defensive end, Bledsoe guards the best guard and MKG guards the best forward while on offense, the center can be the utility man.