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Phoenix Suns fall to Miami Heat 92:108 but Devin Booker shines setting a career high with 34 points

Devin Booker is a bright star.

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Whatever the score this was a very entertaining game on both sides. Devin Booker dazzled with his performance going for a career high 34 points on 11/21 shooting (3/7 on 3s, 9/9 FTs) with 4 assists and 3 rebounds. He was so impressive that at the end of the game most Heat players came to congratulate him including Dwyane Wade who was asked about him in his postgame interview: " I like that kid.. He's tough, didn't shy away from contact... He's only 19." He went on to say Devin has a bright future and will make a great 2 guard in this league.

Alex Len had a double double 12pts, 13 rebounds and 1 block. Mirza Teletovic added 11pts, 5 reb and PJ Tucker and Archie Goodwin had 10 pts each.

The Heat's starting backcourt put up 52 points Wade 27pts(9/17), 7as, 4reb and Goran 25pts (10/18), 4as, 7reb on 10/18 shooting. Luol Deng had 12 points and Whiteside missed a double double by a point (9 pts, 11 reb, 5 blocks).

The Heat shot 48% (40/83, 9/17 from 3) from the field against the Suns 40% (33/82).

1st half

The Suns started the game cold with the Heat taking and early 9:3 lead, with 5 of those points coming from Goran Dragic. Both teams were pushing the pace and eventually the Suns warmed up with both Mirza and Devin Booker connecting on their 3s and Devin's being called beautiful by the Heat announcers. A funtastic 1st quarter that just went back and forth but with the Heat maintaining the lead. End of 1st Suns down 21:29.

The 2nd quarter remains as fast as the first, with everyone running and missing. And then Archie is fouled by Goran. Then it was Heat time for a while; Goran making a few shots on the fast break off Whiteside blocks and at one point Green's shot sorta came back. Meanwhile Archie was going to work for the Suns showing of a sneak dunk and Booker fakes out Joe Johnson earning 2 points at the FT line. Suns are down 26:43. Then a 12:3 Suns run brings them within 12. Fouls back and forth and the half ends at 43:57. Miami shooting 50%, Phoenix 34%.

2nd half

In the 3rd quarter everything slowed down for some reason. The Suns missed their first two shots and Loul Deng made a bunch of 3s. Devin Booker shows off his pretty jumper, then finds Chandler for the and 1. Suns down 52:67. Goran and DWade counter with some of their trademark moves. Both teams moving ball but taking some bad shots and missing good ones. Mirza makes a 3, Johnson makes a 3, Goran Dragic gets his 4th foul, Wade doing things... And Devin Booker starts Heating up with 40 seconds left in the 3rd, scoring on 2 straight possessions - and1 and a 3rd quarter buzzer beater.

Suns down 16 (68:84) start the 4th with 2 straight turnovers. And then almost nothing else matters but the Devin Booker Show. He was being aggressive all the way, not backing down against Dwyane Wade or Justice Winslow - making a few more of his pretty jumpers, a rainbow 3 and a bunch of free throws. He was the leading force of the Suns offence scoring 15 of his 34 points in the 4th quarter alone. At one point the Heat even decided to double team him forcing a turnover. With 4 minutes remaining and Suns down 10 Booker has 30 points and I'm feeling brilliant for adding him to my lineup. But the Heat don't let up and Devin can't do it alone. Some free throws from both sides later and a Dragon 3 on a Wade premeditated assist end the game at 92:108.

Fun times!

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