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FanDuel info for Suns vs. Wizards

P. J. Tucker loves the Wizards

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Not preoccupied with your hate for Markieff Morris and his return to Phoenix tomorrow? Sign up for FanDuel! Here's your link to join. I'll add it at the bottom as well, so read ahead, sign up,  pick your lineup, and leave it in the comments below. When you're done, brag on Twitter with #FanDuelSBN.

Phantasy Phix

A revenge game of sorts. Washington beat Phoenix 109-106 on December 4th. Also, Markieff Morris.

Who loves the Wizards?

P.J. Tucker. In the loss to the Wizards Tucker scored a modest 9 points but collected a season high 13 rebounds and used all of his 6 fouls WHICH I THINK IS A GOOD THING. In fact for his career, Tucker averages 8.7 rebounds per game against Washington, his highest against any opponent.

Who hates the Wizards?

Alex Len. Let's hope that Tucker does his usual thing on the glass against Washington, because history says that Len won't contribute much. His 3.2 rebounding average against the Wizards is his lowest against any opponent.

Who loves the Suns?

Bradley Beal. Beal's top game of the 2015-16 season came against Phoenix. In December's Wizards win, Beal hit 12 of 23 shots including 5 of 8 three pointers en route to a season high 34 points. Beal also ripped down 8 rebounds and dished out 5 assists.

Who hates the Suns?

Markieff Morris.

Last Call

Time is running out Suns fans! Just 7 games remaining. Join FanDuel. The link one more time for you. Use #FanDuelSBN to show off your GM skills. Good luck!

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