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It's time to forgive Markieff Morris

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight, the Phoenix Suns and Markieff Morris will share the Talking Stick Resort Arena basketball court for first time since he was traded at the February trade deadline.

The Wizards roll into town, their magic wand nearly out of juice, as they sit three full games out of the playoffs with just seven games to go. The Sorting Hat has almost completed its job, and it looks like the Wizards won't get put in Playoff House after all.

The Wiz, 36-39, have lost four of their last five games, including an ugly loss to the Sacramento Kings on Wednesday night, but even when they'd won five straight games right before that they could not push themselves into the playoff picture.

Now Morris' new team most likely get to plan their summer vacation at the same time the Phoenix Suns and all the other lottery teams are planning theirs.

Yet Mark will have to be at home by himself for a while, since his brother Mook will be seeing playoff time for the first time in his career with the Detroit Pistons. That might only be a two-week extension on the season, but it's more than either of them have ever seen and more than any Suns fan has seen in six years.

Maybe he can vacation with his ex-Suns teammates?

Not only does he have a dozen ex-Suns teammates still wearing purple and orange, he's got two more in Wizards jerseys: Jared Dudley and Marcin Gortat from the 2012-13 Suns.

Either way, two months after the Markieff Morris tenure ended with a thud in February - at least seven months after it should have ended - the Suns and Markieff Morris are in the same boat they've been for years.

So let's greet Markieff Morris will cheers tonight.

He gave the best parts of himself for four full years for the Suns and turned himself into one of the better power forwards in the game of basketball. We should reward him for that self-development.

Knowing he had little in the way of hops and speed, Morris fashioned a killer midrange offensive game and quiet defensive presence that produced a net rating (net point differential while on the floor) of +7.3 last year and -0.6 this year for the Suns. Both numbers are significantly better than the team's overall net rating in that time. Since joining the Wizards, he's second on their team with a +7.1.

Morris was a lynchpin of the 2013-14 Suns team that nearly made the playoffs, and while he had some minor off-court issues in 2014-15 he was still one of the two best players on the team after the whirlwind trade deadline, right?

And now he's leaving the Suns a parting gift of what's likely the 12th or 13th pick in the June draft.

So why not cheer the guy?

Come on Suns fans. GET. ON. YOUR. FEET. And cheer Markieff Morris when he's introduced tonight.

It's not like he singlehandedly turned the 2014-15 season into a circus with he and his brothers' ill-timed transgressions. It's not like he was solely responsible for this season's debacle.

Let's make him feel right at---


Haha gotcha!

You actually thought I wanted you to cheer for Keef???


Boo him. Just like you boo any former Suns player that insults the fans and directly or indirectly ruins a team's chances at a good season.

If you're going to boo Joe Johnson ten years after forcing a trade out of town, you HAVE TO BOO MARKIEFF MORRIS two months later.

In fact, I will be highly disappointed if you DON'T boo Keef.

Be a self-respecting home town loyalist. Boo this guy mercilessly.

Pretend he just released a video on social media of a Suns player boasting he cheated on his wife if you have to.


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