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Start Your Engines: Phoenix Suns Brandon Knight not interested in role change

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While Eric Bledsoe acknowledged that the three guards returning next year to the top of the Suns rotation looks a lot like their dilemma in 2014-15 ("you just gotta sacrifice"), and Devin Booker said he's just "excited" to play with a full squad, the guy most believe should be coming off the bench has zero interest in doing anything of the sort.

Brandon Knight, who profiles best as a sixth man in this league along the lines of Jamal Crawford, doesn't want any part of a role change in 2016-17.

No role change for Knight

"My role's gonna be the same," he said in response to be asked about changing roles next year. "I don't see my role changing. I see my role being exactly the same."

He repeated himself for effect when asked a second time.

"Like I said," he replied, slowing down so the scrum wouldn't miss it. "I see my role staying the same."

We didn't have a chance to get our own video today, but what I saw on the ABC15 video gives proper color to the words.

No fun playing with younger players

But just as frustrating, to me, than those grandiose quotes, are his comments on playing with the kids. And the one kid that really made the most strides (Booker) is the one potentially threatening his 2016-17 starting spot.

Was it intriguing to see those guys get better?

"Not really," he said. "You're playing that much and you're getting a lot of time, that's what you're supposed to do."

Devin Booker vs. Brandon Knight in per-36 numbers

Let's compare Brandon Knight to Devin Booker in 2015-16. Knight's in his 5th year, while Booker was a rookie.


Now, let's have some fun. Let's compare Knight's rookie year running a really bad Pistons team versus Booker's rookie year running a really bad Suns team. And for extra grins, I'll make it year-long numbers where Booker played a lot less for two months while Knight played big minutes all year.


Knight wasn't impressed with Booker, eh? He must have been real disappointed in himself then.

Grab the pitchforks!

I'm sure some of you might not like the sound of these quotes. I encourage you to watch the video from ABC15 to get the full effect.

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