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Bright Side of the Sun 2016 NBA Playoff Prediction Contest

Here we go Brightsiders. Use your psychic abilities and your statistical analysis, make your picks for this year's NBA Playoffs and win Eternal Brightside Glory.

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Back by mostly my demand (that's why I'm writing it) is the 4th annual Bright Side of the Sun NBA Playoff Prediction Contest! Which the Suns are not part off, because it's 2016 and they are still in their "trying to make the Playoffs but ultimately failing" phase. Sigh. But you can still partake in a (sort of) Suns Playoff experience this year by participating in the contest.

Some history: Jim won the playoff prediction contest on this site in 2012 but it was unofficial (not staff run) and there was a tie.. The winner of the first official BSotS contest was none other than the inimitable MMotherwell. He was unable to defend his Crown (he didn't really have a crown) as jack's complete lack of surprise began his one year Reign of Terror in 2014. Last year Austin Elmer won and took the Winner's Armour (the prize was a shirt). Now you have the chance to take The Title* and join them in Eternal Brightside Glory!

How to play: Choose the winner of each series and the number of games each series will last. You will be awarded two points for each correct series winner and one more point if you correctly predict the number of games it took the victor to triumph. Once an entry has been submitted no duplicate entries will be accepted from different contestants.

Here are tiebreakers for the NBA Finals round (because ties suck): If two or more contestants are tied going into the Finals and picked the same team they will be asked to pick the total points scored in the deciding game on a first come first serve basis. The winner will be whoever is closest without going over. If two or more players end up tied after the Finals and picked different teams the contestant who picked the correct team will be the winner.

Point totals will be updated after each round (when I get through all the calculations) and the story will be front paged as the results are updated. Feel free to check your scoring to make sure the results are correct. Please omit the spaces between your picks to help truncate the comment section. Please be sure to make your picks lucid, as confusing or ambiguous entries may be disqualified. No entries will be accepted after the start of the first game Saturday (April 16th).

I think that covers it, but let me know if you notice any loopholes.

*The prize this year is your name etched (in pretty writing) on the Bright Side of the Sun main page for a week . And you get to be on the breaking news banner. Get it - you get "The Title". And I'll throw in a congratulatory Tweet ;) + Eternal Brightside Glory

Here are the matches in a neat bracket sponsored by Sprite:



Warriors over Rockets 4-0

Clippers over Blazers 4-1

Thunder over Mavericks 4-1

Spurs over Grizzlies 4-0


Cavaliers over Pistons 4-2

Hawks over Celtics 4-2

Heat over Hornets 4-3

Raptors over Pacers 4-2



Warriors over Clippers 4-1

Spurs over Thunder 4-2


Cavaliers over Hawks 4-1

Heat over Raptors 4-3



Warriors over Spurs 4-3


Heat over Cavs 4-3

NBA FINALS: Warriors over Heat 4-1

The Western first round seems like a no-brainer since the 4th Clippers have 9 more wins than the 5th seed Portland. I'm giving the Mavs a game for Dirk and the Blazers one for effort. The Dubs and the Spurs will most likely get bored by game 3.

Surprisingly, Detroit has gone 3-1 against the Cavs this season and I think that will give them the confidence to win a few against "playoff LeBron". Not enough though. Toronto didn't get 56 wins (one less than the Cavs) to lose to the Pacers in the first round. With Hawks vs Celtics I was tempted to give it to Boston. The Celtics have really been rolling with IT this year but went 1-3 against Atlanta in the regular season. The Hornets and Heat tied the season 2-2 but I gotta give it to the Heat.

The only reason I gave the Warriors a loss in the semifinals is they will still be somewhat sleepy from their first round. Russ and KD alone will be more of a challenge for the Spurs than the whole bear squad together. Still, it's the Spurs. Cavs won all 3 of their games against the Hawks. And my first prediction had Toronto, but my heart won't let my brain type the rational words.

Warriors will only just prevail over the Spurs because Steph will Steph. Miami has the biggest grudge against LeBron, they are 2-1 against the Cavs for the season and again I am physically incapable of typing C******** over M****.

Ok, I like the Warriors enough to finally admit a Dragon defeat. Still hard to write. Obviously the Warriors are The Champs whoever they go up against in the Finals.

Your turn!

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