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For those pining for Suns playoff basketball, I'll leave this here...

For the sixth year in a row, the Phoenix Suns have already begun their summer vacation while 16 of the 30 NBA teams begin the playoffs this weekend.

The first Saturday of the first round of the playoffs leaves a bad taste in my mouth.


Watch the video above and you'll know why.

Go ahead. I'll wait.



At the end of that game, I sat lifeless on my couch for at least 30 minutes as the post game interviews droned on, and the next playoff game started.

If the Suns had won, if Finley hadn't hit that three, if Duncan hadn't hit that three, they might have had a good run in the 2008 playoffs. Mike D'Antoni might have stayed around. They might have extended their playoff success a couple more years, without having that 2009 hiccup.

But they lost it. And the team just wasn't the same the rest of that series.



Okay, so go enjoy your playoff basketball played by other teams and remember that

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