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Texts from Coach Cal: Devin Booker is about to be super famous

The kid is built for stardom.

Devin Booker, having recently completed his rookie season (while competing as the youngest player in the league), is destined for greatness. Despite not even starting for a historic Kentucky team that almost went undefeated, the young Suns' guard came into the NBA and shook up the basketball world.

Now, his former college coach is giving him his proper due.

Got a text from Coach Cal this morning that said "Who be this" with this picture attached. Crazy to see hard work already paying off at such a young age, But seeing things like this make me wanna grind that much harder. #NikeChecksAllOverMe ✔️

Seriously though, if you had to place a bet on which player from this past draft class will eventually make the most endorsement deal money, wouldn't it be tempting to bet on Booker? His smile and his game are built for the bright lights.


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