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Madhouse: Isaiah, Goran, rebuilt Blazers all advancing in NBA Playoffs?

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Well, at least Markieff and Marcus Morris are home for the summer now, and neither has a playoff win under his belt.

Sour grapes? Yeah, probably.

On the other hand, recent former Phoenix Suns Goran Dragic (Miami Heat) and Isaiah Thomas (Boston Celtics) are locked in 2-2 ties against Charlotte and Atlanta, respectively, in the first round of their playoffs and could advance to the next round with a good week of play.

While Dragic is just a piece of a really talented team, Thomas is THE engine that could. Thomas scored 42 and 33 points in Celtics wins over the weekend, helping close out each win with a flurry of important scores.

The Portland Trail Blazers, though, are the team successfully doing what the Suns tried to do in 2014 - go young and win big at the same time, all in one year. The Blazers advantage, though, is that this isn't 2014. This isn't an historic year for the Western Conference where it takes 49 wins just to get in, and all eight (or nine) teams deserve to advance.

This year, the Blazers - winners of 44 regular season games in a down West year - might even advance to the second round of the playoffs now that both Chris Paul and Blake Griffin are hurt for the Clippers and J.J. Redick is limping. Their series is now tied 2-2 and the Blazers are the only healthy team.

Let's talk about non-Suns teams in the playoffs!

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