THON MAKER is entering the draft

I think that this is a perfect scenario for us to capitalize on because we have 4 picks and can take a chance on a player like Thon Maker, especially if he was still available at the Wizards pick. Maker probably has the highest ceiling of anyone in this draft but it can be noted that he is somewhat raw.

When I first saw Maker a few years ago, he was a complete twig and I thought he would snap at the NBA level. However, from what I have seen from recent footage of him, he seems to have put on a significant amount of weight and actually looks pretty strong at this point (although more strength is definitely welcome) and is definitely much closer to ideal size than guys like Ingram or Bender.

I also must address that people think that he could be a bust. I absolutely think that there is a chance he may not be able to live up to his hype as a Small Forward, but worst case scenario, I doubt he would not at least be able to find a niche as a center in this league. At his age, his game is far more advanced than that of most centers and he seems to have put on enough strength so far to be able to bang down in the paint. Just think about it, 7 footers like Tyson Chandler have made careers for themselves by just being tall, strong and dunking. Maker can easily do such things, the only knock on him is whether he will be able to capitalize on his mobility and ball handling to be able to play on the wing.

I just think this is too much potential to pass up on especially because we have picks all over the draft and Maker already looks like less of a question mark than a guy like Bender. I'm not suggesting we take him in the top ten, but since he is being overlooked due to his unorthodox entryway into the NBA draft, I say we should capitalize on our abundance of draft picks and take him with either the wizards pick or try to move up into the late teens.

Think about it this way, even if we were to take him a little high with the Wizards pick, if I told anyone before the trade deadline that we were gonna trade Markieff Morris for Thon Maker, I think everyone would've pulled the trigger immediately.