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Phoenix Suns Mirza Teletovic makes NBA history

In the entire history of the NBA, no one has made as many three pointers off the bench as Mirza Teletovic has done this year for the Phoenix Suns.

Previously, it was Chuck 'The Rifleman' Person in 1994-95 with 164 threes.

Now, it's Mirza Teletovic in 2015-16 with 165 threes, and four more games to add to it. Mirza is making more than 2 three-pointers on less than 20 minutes of playing time per game.

Watch him break the record in the video above.

And if that's not enough, how about those crazy buzzer beaters!

Remember this?

And this?

And this guy's said he wants to stay in Phoenix next season.

Let's hold him to that.

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