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Phoenix Suns fandom: On realism, pessimism and optimism

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In our own little corner of the internet, and the world, we might tend to forget that the trials and tribulations of being a lifelong Phoenix Suns fan is no different than being a lifelong fan of any team in any sport at any level.

There's high highs and there's low lows. The deeper your fandom, the less likely you experience any middle ground. Every day, every week, every season is either pleasantly great or angstly awful. Like a hungry person walking into a new restaurant, the actual experience is relative to your expectations as you walked in rather than a clean slate upon which to build an objective opinion.

Such is the life of a long time fan.

I'm not talking about new fans. You might luck into joining a fan base of a team on the rise (Clippers or Thunder a few years ago) without having endured the decade-plus of suffering their longtime fans lived before Durant, Westbrook, Paul and Griffin arrived.

All those Suns fans who started following the team for the very first time in the mid-2000s during the Nash/Amare/Marion heyday, you are now experiencing your first long drought of goodness from your favorite team. Those who joined and never left the bandwagon in the late 80s or early 90s are a bit more thick-skinned after surviving the 1996-2004 skidmarks of not making it to the second round of the playoffs in eight out of nine long seasons. While the bar was a bit higher from 1996-2004 than these past six seasons, it wasn't much higher. Nine years, one second-round appearance.

Those of us who've been fans since the early eighties are thicker-skinned yet. We survived the muck of the 80s AND the muck of the late 90s and now are suffering through the muck of the 20-teens.

This is not to suggest current Suns fans are thin-skinned. Quite the contrary. After these last six seasons, we've all got thick skins. I'm just pointing out that I've been through this muck before.

It's a cycle. And (nearly) every franchise suffers through it. As much respect as I've developed for the Spurs this past half-decade admittedly does not extend to their oh-so-lucky fans who haven't had to endure less than 50 wins in almost AN ENTIRE GENERATION.

So you'll need to forgive me when I chuckle at the comments section yesterday after I penned/clicked a particularly pointed article aimed at the realities of the situation with the Phoenix Suns franchise. I was not sad yesterday, or morose. In fact, I had a really great day with my family.

I simply woke up with the need to take the gloves off and write from a place that optimists would call pessimism, and pessimists would call realism.

Trust me, though, I don't spend years, days or even hours stressing over how bad an owner Robert Sarver is. He means well, and is generally trying to come from the right place all the time. He just makes bad decisions born of impatience, and has never properly made the transition from bank owner to pro sports franchise owner. As a bank owner, you trust the numbers and know that in the long run the numbers are right. In sports, you can't look at every deal's numbers. It's the collective, and sometimes it's more about loyalty and trust than it is the bottom line.

I've got the thick skin of a 30+ year fan.

Sure the Suns will come out of the muck. If the Clippers and Warriors can do it, so can the Suns. It's just a matter of patience and a little bit of luck.

To that end, let's try to pull ourselves out of the depths of pessimistic despair and/or step down off our high horses of optimism and meet in the middle.

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