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Northern Arizona Suns Unveil New Logo, Jerseys

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To go along with their move to Prescott, the Phoenix Suns' D-League affiliate has gone back to a design long-time fans will recognize for their new branding.

The Northern Arizona Suns today unveiled their new logo and jersey designs, and they carry a nostalgic theme that will undoubtedly please many loyal, lifelong fans.

The logo, a purple and orange sunburst that is a modern update to the classic original Suns secondary logo, also has a few added touches. The 16 rays of the sun are a reference to the teams founding season, 2016, while the triangle at the top is supposed to represent True North, a reference to the teams new Northern Arizona location.

The new jerseys are somewhat more modern, calling to mind the jersey designs seen towards the end of the 7 Seconds or Less era. The home uniform will be white with orange trim, and will feature the team's new short moniker, NAZ, on the front in orange. The away jerseys will be purple, with Northern Arizona Suns emblazoned on the front in white.

The team has to hope that the effort made to tie the branding for the new organization to the historic roots of the team will be appreciated by the fan base.

You can see examples of the historic Suns' logos the new design is attempting to reference here.