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Bogdan, Fenerbhace come up short to CSKA Moscow in Euroleague Final

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Load the hot take cannon! One of the rare times that Phoenix Suns draftee Bogdan Bogdanovic shows up on American television, via NBATV, he has his worst game in a long time.

Fenerbahce Istanbul lost to CSKA Moscow in an overtime thriller that involved a desperate fourth quarter comeback and a highly contested overtime to end 101-96 in favor of CSKA.

CSKA dominated the second quarter, at one point leading by more than 20 points. In the fourth, Fenerbahce fought back from a 16-point deficit to take a 83-81 lead on their final possession, but gave up a tying putback by Victor Kryapa to force overtime.

Fenerbahce later argued that Euroleague MVP Nando de Colo had traveled on his last shot attempt, which should have been a turnover, but the referees did not call it and the rest was history. In overtime, de Colo made all 8 free throws as CSKA outshot the much bigger Fenerbahce 10-0 on free throws in the overtime.

Bogdan Bogdanovic unfortunately had his worst game in weeks, scoring only 6 points while missing all 6 of his three-point attempts (most of them short), but he did give Fenerbahce the 88-87 lead in OT at one point on a turnaround jumper.

Bogdanovic spent most of the first quarter feeding the ball into the post, part of a clear game plan Fenerbahce to take advantage of their superior size, on one end and then shadowing Euroleague MVP Nando de Colo on the other end. De Colo only scored 12 points in regulation.

De Colo is a 28-year old 6'5" combo guard who played two-plus NBA seasons with San Antonio and a half-season with Toronto before returning overseas to lead CSKA. This season, de Colo put up 18 points (44% 3P shooting) and 5 assists per game, then upped that to 21 (54% 3s) and 5 in the Top 16 round.

This is CSKA's 7th Euroleague title. Fenerbahce is still looking for their first title.

Now it's time for Bogdan to decompress from the playoffs and consider coming over to the NBA this season.