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Does Kris Dunn want to steer away from the Phoenix Suns?

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According to Woj, he wishes not to be.

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

The fourth spot of the draft figures to be a hot commodity for teams seeking the services of Kris Dunn. The Vertical's Adrian Wojnarowski hosted a draft lottery show and dropped some insight into the thought process of Dunn's camp heading into the draft workout process.

To paraphrase, Woj says teams with multiple picks are going to be aggressively pursuing the third and fourth picks (Boston & Phoenix) with the thought that Dunn is steering himself away from teams with established point guards already at the helm.

Per Woj, "You are going to see a bidding process with Boston and Phoenix ... I think there's going to be a lot deals in this draft."

Pssh, everyone says that before every draft, Woj.

It is interesting that Dunn would risk some money and the esteem of being drafted within the top three or four picks for the right to be put in a (seemingly) more lucrative position elsewhere. Even if the Suns do have plenty of guards on the roster currently, things can change swiftly this summer.

Also interesting: On Doug and wolf this morning, Ryan McDonough was asked whether or not he would take a guard at four if he was the best available player and he answered with an emphatic YES.

Could this have possibly been an attempt to combat the stealthy finagling by Dunn's camp? Perhaps.

One final nugget to further heighten the tension between Dunn's camp and teams:

It is fair to say that the Suns will be a little more weary of using a top five selection on a player that they do not have access to the medicals of. Withholding that information from selected teams is a shrewd move by Dunn, while simultaneously being a disappointing reality for the Phoenix if they are in fact a part of that group.

Could this latest development begin a surge for the talents of Dragan Bender? Would you use a the fourth pick on Dunn without seeing his medicals?

Draft season, feel the fever!