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Bright Side of the Sun 2016 NBA Playoff Prediction Contest: First Round Standings

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First round results are in.

Firstly I'd like to apologise to Kongo and rsavaj - we could have shared the #1 spot but I confidently/stupidly encouraged ayevee to participate. Secondly; congrats to ayevee for the lead and to me for seeing potential. Special props for foresight to matrix7 and Greasedscot for being the only ones to correctly predict the Clippers-Blazers series and again to ayevee for being the third group member predicting a Chris Paul loss in the first round.

Western Conference

Stephen Curry logged just under 40 minutes total in the 2 games he played in the first series. With Klay Thompson and Draymond Green leading the charge the Warriors still managed to take down Houston in 5. Congrats to Steve Kerr for his well deserved Coach of the Year Award and to Luke Walton for his new gig with the Lakers.

Poor poor Clippers lost both Blake Griffin and CP3 around Game 4. Austin Rivers took 19 shots in a close Game 6. Portland got lucky in the first round but their luck is already turning with the (still Steph-less) Warriors taking a 1-0 lead in the second round.

Durant and Westbrook over Dirk Nowitzki of course. Spurs over Memphis duh. Spurs over OKC duh next.

Eastern Conference

Not many of us believe in Playoff Cavs enough to give them a sweep over the Pistons. They sure proved us wrong. Atlanta hopefully learnt something from last year's Eastern Conference Finals and will be a bit more of a challenge to them this year. They managed to beat Boston 4-2 even though Isaiah Thomas was a superstar at points.

Miami vs Charlotte was a fun series. After the Heat took a 2-0 lead, Kemba Walker and the Hornets came back raging winning 3 in a row and taking the series lead. Dwayne Wade made some clutch shots in game 6 and everyone in Heat nation let out a breath they'd been holding in since the game 5 loss in Miami. Goran Dragic was the hero of Game 7, redeeming himself for his play in the last 5,5 games. Behind the Dragon's array of aggressive moves to the basket, a couple of 3s, a two-handed slam and this awesome spin the Heat won 106-73.

Indiana turned out to be more of a challenge for Toronto than most of us thought. Paul George had a ridiculous line of 27 points and 7 rebounds per game in the series, but the Pacers messed up their last play in Game 7. Down 3 they turned the ball over with 14.9 seconds remaining and then failed to foul someone for the next 8.4 seconds. DeMar DeRozan made 2 free throws ending up with 30 points and the win for the Raptors. We can probably expect another Game 7 for Miami and Toronto in the second round.

What are your thoughts?


Feel free to double check my math. On to the second round.