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Phoenix Suns Pre-Draft Workouts Day 3: Zhou Qi vs. Eric Jacobsen

The Suns stop everything to get a better look at Zhou Qi and his silky jumper.

Paul Kane/Getty Images

The Participants

  • China PF/C Zhou Qi
  • Arizona State C Eric Jacobsen

Zhou Qi

Measurements via DraftExpress:

DraftExpress Top 100 Prospects Ranking: 28th

Qi figures to be an unknown jewel for teams (such as the Phoenix Suns), that are stationed in the latter portion of the first round. There is a certain hysteria attached to gigantic foreign dudes who can shoot -- I see you, Yi Jianlian -- but as a late first round flyer, it never hurts to take the 7-foot-2 guy and see what happens.

Possessing one of the longest wingspans ever recorded per, Qi is fully capable of seizing control of the rim while also drawing opposing defenders out as far as the three-point line. He showcases nice touch, nimble feet, and seems to resemble the skill set of New York's Kristaps Porzingis, but without as much of the pre-draft hype. Perhaps that is a good thing. A primary challenge for Qi going forward is to add more oomph to his gangly 218-pound frame -- a task made easier when latched onto an NBA team.

Qi's representatives are still seeking to reach an agreement with the Chinese Basketball Federation to allow him to join the NBA in the near future. However, things appear to be on the up and up.

With the power forward spot being a dire need, the Suns would presumably be doing back flips if Qi falls to them at the 28th spot. I would not be surprised if some in-draft gymnastics took place in order to move up a few spots to select him.

Eric Jacobsen

Measurements via DraftExpress: Not provided

DraftExpress Top 100 Prospects Ranking: Not ranked

Poor Jacobsen appears to be the sacrificial lamb during this workout. The 6-foot-10 senior may have been the only local prospect with proper size that the Suns could get to facility on such short notice.

Notice how Coro uses the word "against" there rather than the word "with." Maybe Jacobsen shows out against Qi and makes some waves for himself?


Ahh. Who are we kidding. Let's pour one out for good ol' Eric.

This is the only video I could find...

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