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Bright Side of the Sun 2016 NBA Playoff Prediction Contest: Second Round Standings

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Second round results could have been in a few days ago but I was too sad for math.

So ayevee took an even more convincing lead. Along with matrix7 he was also one of only 2 brightsiders to correctly predict the Golden State Warriors - Portland Trail Blazers series. Good job guys! There were some nice comebacks as well; Oterahn and Arlex Goodlen each got 8 points for predicting all the second round wins right. But the most prominent comeback was definitely FlyFishinSun going up 9 points. He not only predicted the correct winner for each series but was also one of two to predict the Heat - Raptors series's exact outcome. The other was jack's complete lack of surprise who is perhaps the biggest threat to Ayevee seeing as he's won this contest before. Experience obviously matters a great deal here.

Western Conference

Come on Tim, Tony, Kawai and the rest of the HEB gang. I said Spurs over okc DUH on the Internet.. so disappointed in this new era. You got the biggest free agent of last summer and you let Russ and KD beat you on their own. Shame. I sorta want Tim Duncan to play another season so he can go out with a bigger bang.

Unanimous MVP Stephen Curry is back on the court and back to his Stephin' ways burning and splashing the Trail Blazers at the same time. Hasn't been that easy with OKC but I'm sure the Warriors will battle through that too. Then again I was also sure about the Spurs. Most of us put too much faith in the Spurs.

Eastern Conference

None of us had enough faith in the Cleveland Lebroniers. The Hawks have learned nothing from their previous 2 seasons. 4-0 against the Cavs in the Playoofs 3rd year in a row for them.

Okay, to be fair the Cavs have been rolling. They only got their first 2016 playoff loss yesterday. Despite the Raptors playing 6 more games to get into the Eastern Conference Finals and playing without Jonas Valanciunas, DeRozan and Lowry's heroics, Biyombo's 26! rebounds and their home court crowd helped them get at least one win in this series.

I can't help but root for Toronto feeling pain both for Goran losing and me falling behind in the predictions. Well at least I was right it'd be another 7 game series for Miami and Toronto.


What are your thoughts?