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The Madhouse: Thanks for hanging in there

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Thanks for hanging in there without a Madhouse.
Thanks for hanging in there without a Madhouse.
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After a few hiatus weeks, The Madhouse is baaaaaaack.  Thanks for waiting, uh, patiently.  Just in time to discuss the utter beatdown the reigning NBA champs took last night. So, here's what happened: the Oklahoma City Thunder beat all of the tar out of the Golden State Warriors.  And apparently, this means nothing.

So, thanks for nothing other than an unwatchable game, Thunder!

Also trending:

  • Angry Birds finally gave America something to watch besides Captain America: Civil War.  Someone with kids, please let us know how good or bad this Angry Birds movie is or isn't.
  • The Tampa Bay Lightning are a game away from winning the Stanley Cup.  Sorry, Pittsburgh Penguin fans.
  • Game of Thrones is thriving now that they don't have any pesky books to match up with.  This season has been nearly note-perfect and completely bonkers.
  • I've been basically going deaf the last couple of weeks blasting the new Skepta album.  Anyone listening to anything cool?
  • I didn't watch it but it sounds like the Billboard Music Awards had a godawful tribute to Prince, which led to this amazing blast from the BET Awards...

BET Awards Prince tribute

So, yeah, awards shows are now roasting one another.  Who are you roasting this week?  Let's go.