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Phoenix Suns Pre-Draft Workouts: Day 4 - A veteran group on hand

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The Participants

  • UC Santa Barbara G Michael Bryson
  • Pepperdine F Stacy Davis
  • Notre Dame G Demetrius Jackson
  • Louisville G Damion Lee
  • Iowa State F Abdel Nader
  • Alabama G Retin Obasohan

Michael Bryson

Measurements via DraftExpress: Not listed

DraftExpress Top 100 Prospects Ranking: Not Ranked

Bryson is far from a highly touted prospect, but that does not mean that he cannot do some useful things. He exhibits a pristine shooting stroke, holding the ball high and releasing rather quickly. He is a good kind of goofy, displaying a certain aura of confidence while shooting and an equally menacing disdain with himself if the ball does not tickle the twine.

Plus, he made a freaking highlight video of himself on his own YouTube channel ... Can't help but respect that.

Stacy Davis

Measurements via DraftExpress: Not listed

DraftExpress Top 100 Prospects Ranking: Not Ranked

Laveen, AZ's finest finished up his charmed Pepperdine career as the program's all-time leading scorer (1,786 points) second in rebounds (994). Davis is an undersized power forward at 6-foot-6, but he has the capability to stretch the defense with a better than average stroke and natural scoring instincts around the floor.

It is unlikely that the Betty Fairfax HS product will have enough athletic chops to be a mainstay in the league despite the admirable play at Pepperdine. With that said, he has some very poor man's Paul Millsap potential if he can make the most of his shortcomings.

Demetrius Jackson

Measurements via DraftExpress:

DraftExpress Top 100 Prospects Ranking: 16th

Comparisons to Nate Robinson are flowing and pretty easy to see. Nearly everything out there about Jackson is about his marvelous athletic gifts. Though this is with good reason -- look at that vertical -- it is important to not disregard the Notre Dame point guard's ability to be more than just a burst of scoring energy.

With every dribble, Jackson demonstrates a purpose and specific cadence that stretches the defense to create an open shot for either himself or a teammate. I was thoroughly impressed with the timing and rhythm he displays in the half court setting, and his pick and roll potency is an easily transferrable skill to the NBA level.

Also, he seems to be a good dude. An easy guy to root for without a doubt.

Damion Lee

Measurements via DraftExpress: Not listed

DraftExpress Top 100 Prospects Ranking: 63rd

The portion of the workout that was exposed to the media was highlighted by the performance of Lee during a treacherous "three-minute run." Normally players are gassed and justifiably go through the motions with the run. However, Lee seemingly grew stronger as time went on before shutting the house down with an astounding (if I remember correctly) 28 full-court sprints in three minutes.

There is something to be said about that kind of mental toughness and will for a player that is not highly sought after as of now. His fit with the Suns would be seamless with his rangy frame, athletic ability and shooting prowess. Obviously, his conditioning is suited well for an organization that is notorious for pushing the pace.

I would surely take a flyer on him in the middle of the second round.

Abdel Nader

Measurements via DraftExpress:

DraftExpress Top 100 Prospects Ranking: Not Ranked

Nader had a steady showing at today's workout, using the platform to reveal a buttery shooting stroke. The Iowa State wingman plays bigger than his listed 6-foot-6 and will find a home somewhere professionally if he can shoot it like he did today.

Retin Obasohan

Measurements via DraftExpress:

DraftExpress Top 100 Prospects Ranking: Not Ranked

A bowling ball of a guard, Obasohan possesses a long wingspan for his size and certainly looks the part when you see him in person. Even though he shot the ball better than expected today, a slight hitch in his shooting motion will likely turn teams off from giving him a deeper look.

Obasohan had to take off to catch a flight to another destination immediately after the workout. I found this fascinating, and a great look into the grueling schedule many of these prospects go through during this time of year. Playing in the NBA is a special achievement and a luxury. The typical average joe may find it difficult to put their athletic heart on the line for over two hours before catching a quick flight to go elsewhere and do it all over again.

Maybe others are not touched by that little detail, but for me, it puts things into proper perspective.

That's a wrap on day four. Stay tuned for day five coverage tomorrow!

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