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The team not interested in drafting Kris Dunn is the team that needs to draft Kris Dunn

He's a popular kid these days.

Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

The buzz continues to grow regarding NBA Draft prospect Kris Dunn. Most recently, the Los Angeles Lakers are said to be interested in the point guard out of Providence. Six of the top eight teams drafting in next week's draft are said to have interest in Dunn. The Suns are not among that group of teams. That's why the Suns need to draft him. From ESPN's Chad Ford:

"He's refusing to do 1-on-none workouts with teams. Will only workout for teams if it's against Ben Simmons, Brandon Ingram or Jamal Murray source says. Dunn is currently projected in the 3 to 8 range. Sixers, Lakers, Celtics, Wolves, Pelicans and Kings have all shown interest in Dunn."

Phoenix wouldn't even be drafting Kris Dunn. They would be drafting the idea of Kris Dunn. The player that is going to transform the Suns from a team laboring through the worst stretch in franchise history to a team with sights on the playoffs by the All-Star break is not Kris Dunn. That player will not be available by the time Phoenix selects fourth.

Even if as expected Ben Simmons from LSU and Brandon Ingram from Duke are the top two players selected, and Lakers are simply doing their due diligence in working out a player like Dunn, the interest from other teams is too significant to ignore. The Suns are a team that needs options and a lot of them. Now.

Draft Dunn. Teams drafting before the Suns want him. Teams drafting after the Suns want him. There should be no team more active on draft night than Phoenix. Drafting Dunn will open up a world of possibilities for the Suns. If it doesn't work out, hey, your consolation prize is Kris Dunn. The Lakers may be bluffing. Five other teams are not.

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