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Phoenix Suns Pre-Draft Workouts Day 8: Diallo and Sabonis take center stage

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The Participants

  • Arizona F Ryan Anderson
  • Notre Dame F Zach Auguste
  • James Madison G Ron Curry
  • Kansas F Cheick Diallo
  • Baylor G Lester Medford
  • Wake Forest G Codi Miller-McIntyre
  • Gonzaga F Domantas Sabonis

Ryan Anderson

Measurements via DraftExpress:

DraftExpress Top 100 Prospects Ranking: Not Ranked

For starters -- no, this is not the 28-year-old Ryan Anderson that is a pending free agent reincarnated. Just thought we had to get that out of the way from the get-go.

Anderson sat for the 2014-15 season before playing out his senior season under the guidance of Sean Miller at the University of Arizona. Along with the two years of experience at U of A, the 6-foot-9 forward played three seasons at the highly regarded Boston College program, never playing less than 29 minutes per game.

Throughout his tenure in college basketball, Anderson's game has neglected to grow in the shooting department -- a disappointment when it comes to his NBA draft stock. However, for what he lacks in an outside touch, he makes up with girth, leadership, and an inside game.

It will be difficult for Anderson to match the athleticism needed to be a mainstay in the NBA, but maybe his motor can help secure a look in Summer League.

Zach Auguste

Measurements via DraftExpress: Not Given

DraftExpress Top 100 Ranking: 80th

Boasting an imposing frame -- 6-foot-10, 240 pounds -- and a beautifully crafted Odell Beckham Jr. haircut, Auguste certainly looks the part of an NBA player. There isn't much fluency to his game, but he does possess a trait that is unable to be coached: hunger. Auguste routinely plays with a fire and tenacity that reverberates throughout the rest of his teammates, and it showed during Notre Dame's strong showing in the ACC and NCAA tournament.

Auguste is going to be overlooked because of his age (23 in a little over a month), but I wouldn't be too quick to count out a guy with his kind of heart. I would take a chance on him solely based on his hair alone.

Ron Curry

Measurements via DraftExpress: Not Given

DraftExpress Top 100 Prospect Ranking: Not Ranked

A four-year player from James Madison, Curry showed steady growth from behind the arc over his playing career; raising his percentage from the depths of hell 24 percent to a respectable 37 percent. Though there is no relation to Steph, Seth or Dell, Curry shows a great feel for pulling up from behind the three-point line off the dribble when a defender elected to go under a screen.

(I will be really impressed if any of you can make it through all 8:32 of that montage.)

Most scouts would likely prefer his handle to be a bit tighter and have a little more juice, but he does have a great frame to work with (6-foot-3, 200 pounds). He will likely be a candidate to get a look from a team during Summer League.

Cheick Diallo

Measurements via DraftExpress:

DraftExpress Top 100 Prospects Ranking: 25th

Diallo has benefited greatly from the pre-draft process, rising all the way into the first round in most mock drafts despite only playing sparingly during his freshman year at Kansas. For a more in-depth look at his talents, please take a look at this tremendous breakdown from Kellan Olson.

Lester Medford

Measurements via DraftExpress:

Draft Express Top 100 Prospects Ranking: Not Ranked

Medford is a Tuscon product, so today's workout was a homecoming of sorts. Undersized and unheralded, the Baylor guard was obviously humbled to be involved in the workout and it showed in his session with the media.

Medford will struggle to get by the lengthy limbs of the point guards in today's NBA, but that is not an indictment on his game by any means. That is the unfortunate thing with all of these unranked prospects; the talent is apparent, but it is so stinking hard to make it in the league that even the most seemingly talented guys do not get a chance to stake their claim to a role.

Codi Miller-McIntyre

Measurements via DraftExpress: Not Given

DraftExpress Top 100 Prospects Ranking: Not Ranked

Today was Miller-McIntyre's second visit to the facility. Here is what I said about him after the day 1 workout:

A shifty point guard out of Wake Forest, Miller-McIntyre hopes to follow in the footsteps of former scrappy Suns point guard Ish Smith. Unheralded to this point, the 6'3" point guard will have to improve his outside shot (33 percent last season) to help find a niche in the league.

In addition to his above average height for his position, Miller-McIntyre showcases a stout frame at 205 lbs and he definitely looks the part of an NBA guard when standing across from him. It will be interesting to see if he latches onto a summer league roster this summer.

Domantas Sabonis

Measurements via DraftExpress:

DraftExpress Top 100 Prospects Ranking: 17th

Sabonis has curiously kept most of his measurements and workouts under wraps throughout the pre-draft process, and he kept that narrative going by requesting to have a solo workout today. That's right -- Sabonis came to the facility just to workout out by himself.

For an in-depth analysis of Sabonis, I am going to steer you all to Geoff Allen's wonderful piece from a little over a week ago.

Bonus Cameo: Assistant GM Pat Connelly

Connelly reflects on today's workouts, including more insight into Sabonis' background with his father.

That's a wrap on day 8 ... Stay tuned for more pre-draft workout coverage tomorrow afternoon!

*Per requests from the community, I elected to go with videos of the post-workout interviews rather than transcribing quotes. If you prefer this method, please voice that thought in the comment section below. If you prefer to have the quotes transcribed, please feel free to voice that as well.

Thank you for the feedback!

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