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Suns draft rumors: What does a possible Nerlens Noel for Jeff Teague trade mean for the Suns?

If the Suns want to work with Philadelphia, the time is now.

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Pre-draft trade talk. Get used to it. We're still three weeks away.

The latest chatter involves the possibility of a trade that would send Nerlens Noel from the Philadelphia 76ers to the Atlanta Hawks in exchange for Jeff Teague.

Reports are that such a deal would only get done with a "package" from Philadelphia that includes Noel as the centerpiece. It's no secret that the 76ers are actively pursuing moving Noel and/or Jahlil Okafor this offseason. The Suns are often mentioned as potential trade partners with Philadelphia. So what now? Does Phoenix need to make a move?

That's an idea. What do you think? Do the Suns need to pick up the phone? Check out Liberty Ballers for fantastic coverage of the Sixers. But first come here. Always come here first.

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