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Bright Side of the Sun Podcast: Gordon Hayward and what the Suns shouldn't do at No. 4

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

It's the last podcast before the draft.

I brought on the bossman Dave King to talk about general draft philosophies and some of the trade possibilities, so of course the Gordon Hayward report drops on us in the middle of the podcast. If you want to skip to that, you can listen to me fumble around the 19:15 mark

Our topics:

  • How Suns fans are feeling about No. 4 (1:00)
  • The likelihood of the Suns taking either Jamal Murray or Buddy Hield (5:00)
  • Dejounte Murray at No. 13? (7:15)
  • Kris Dunn and D'Angelo Russell  (13:00)
  • A wild "yougner vet" appears! How we feel about the report of the Suns offering No. 4 and No. 13 for Hayward and the mindset of "win now" (19:15)
  • If the Suns should be locked in to selecting a power forward with one of the picks (32:30)
  • We are both in on Jaylen Brown (33:15)

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