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Report: Philadelphia is trying hard to get the third pick

So, Kris Dunn is out, right?

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday Paul Coro reported that Kris Dunn thinks he would "fit in fine," in Phoenix despite not having any contact with the team throughout the draft process.

Coro's reporting presented a domino effect of Eric Bledsoe trade rumors, with some outlets reporting that the Suns were now making their point guard available in trades in order to select Dunn with the fourth overall pick.

After an initial outcry on Twitter, I think fans started to realize that reports of Bledsoe's departure must be taken with a grain of salt. Why would the front office whisk away one of their best players (if not the best) for an unproven prospect whom they were unable to interview or workout at their facility?

Also, do not forget Robert Sarver's impatient mantra: Trading Bledsoe would in all likelihood institute a strenuous rebuild (rather than the masked one we are undertaking currently), and Sarver does not mess with rebuilds. After throwing assets at the Utah Jazz with the hopes of bringing Gordon Hayward to Phoenix, it appears that ownership is aggressively trying to sneak into the eighth seed next season.

This brings us to Philly, where the Sixers are reportedly swinging with all of their might to obtain the third pick from the Boston Celtics to presumably pair Ben Simmons with Dunn.

Boston has not yet blinked, and have even leaked that they are prepared to select Dunn with the third pick tonight.

The Sixers in a precarious situation to say the least.

And where does this leave the Suns? After Dragan Bender was long rumored to be gone before the fourth spot, will Boston's infatuation with Dunn spur Ryan McDonough to pull the trigger on Bender with no remorse? Are there other trades on the table that we do not yet know about?

So many questions, so little time.

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