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Bright Side of the Sun 2016 NBA Playoff Prediction Contest: We have a winner

LeandroBarbosa10 takes The Title

The NBA is rigged, the refs are helping LeBron, the refs aren't helping Steph anymore... and much more conspiracies and speculation to go around in the 2016 NBA Finals. But all of that was forgotten in the spectacle of game 7 at Oracle Arena.

The Cavs have already had their 1,3 million people parade while I'm still in shock from the outcome. To put some perspective on that number; it's more than half of the Slovenian population. Just a whole bunch of people connected together in that moment celebrating a fulfilled dream, a kept promise. I got all mushy and I wasn't even rooting for the Cavs. Its been so emotional seeing LeBron bring the Championship to his home, I doubt the Warriors 2-peat would have brought the same catharsis. Poor Dubs ended up on the wrong side of their own history making. And it wasn't a shock to as many as I though.

Now on to our contest. We have a winner and by this point it is obviously LeandroBarbosa10 who was the closest with his total score prediction.

*The prize this year is your name etched (in pretty writing) on the Bright Side of the Sun main page for a week . And you get to be on the breaking news banner. Get it - you get "The Title". And I'll throw in a congratulatory Tweet ;) + Eternal Brightside Glory

Congratulations LeandroBarbosa10!

You are forever etched in Eternal Brightside Glory.

Your name joins the Mt. Rushmorethanfour of the site Champions:

2012 - Jim Coughenour
2013 - MMotherwell
2014 - jack's complete lack of surprise
2015 - Austin Elmer
2016 - LeandroBarbosa10

And I'll be sure to come through with the rest of this honour of a prize.

SouthernSun, jack's complete lack of surprise, ayevee and rsavaj here are your consolation acknowledgments

Thanks for playing everyone!

Update: Here are the final results for everyone. Since no one voted Cavs to win, none of us got any points in the final round, making the math super easy in the end.

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