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The Phoenix Suns are getting their bond on

I don't see how this doesn't translate to wins.

Phoenix Suns Strength and Conditioning Coach Mike Elliot sent out a juicy nugget to the world via Twitter this morning:

That's right -- our boys are spinning their way to victory, and with a beach view to boot. Call it silly all you want, but unless you have actually undergone a spinning class before (I have), you will not understand the rigors of such a journey. I couldn't sit comfortably for a week afterwards.

But maybe that just says more about me...

Anyway, will "spinning" in fact lead to (shout to Charlie Sheen) "winning?"

I don't see a scenario in which that isn't the case.

Additionally, there have been relays of beach yoga from the Suns official Twitter feed:

One can only assume that the yoga was a dire need after the treacherous endeavor of taking part in a paintball scrum against other word-class athletes the night before:

What are the odds that Marquese Chriss pulled a Matrix-like dodge to shot combination that sent shivers down the spines of his new teammates? Would anyone be surprised?

Ryan McDonough can't help to be pleased with the good vibes circulating throughout the organization, and he referenced that sentiment about two-thirds into his interview with (tweet below) when he spoke about Eric Bledsoe organizing a trip to San Diego for 9-10 players and paying for the youngest ones with the least money.

Let the good times roll, y'all.

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