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Intentionally Foul Episode 9: Phoenix Suns Draft & Free Agency

Sreekar and Scott Howard have returned for Episode 9 of this podcast you don't remember to discuss the Phoenix Suns draft day moves and the upcoming free agency period.

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So I'll just be perfectly honest, calling our podcasting habits "intermittent" would be a compliment.  This will be Episode 9 of Intentionally Foul - that's 9 episodes since last October and our first since February.  Hell I'm not even sure if any of you that post here even remember Sreekar or I - which frankly is going to be a BIG disadvantage for us.

In any event, in this podcast we discuss all topics currently relating to the Phoenix Suns.  That means we're going to talk about the Suns busy draft night, the futures of Dragan Bender and Marquese Chriss, the team bonding trip in San Diego, along with our hopes for the upcoming free agency period.

You should listen to it and tell us how much you hate it in the comments.  If you hate it the most, maybe I'll mail you a crayon drawing of you yelling at me.

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