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Derrick Williams is reportedly a target for the Phoenix Suns

Brace yourselves, everyone.

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It is difficult to sort through the hundreds of rumors swirling around this time of year. The immediate fallout from The Finals where the draft, trades, and free agency becomes paramount gives ample opportunity for reporters of all forms to get their name out there and break stories.

In some cases, hunch calls can make a reporter look like a prophet, such as when Chris Sheridan of Sheridan Hoops broke the news about LeBron James going back to Cleveland a few days prior to the Sports Illustrated letter. Sheridan may have had a unique source to unveil such news, but it is entirely possible that he threw the idea out there on a whim with the hopes of it panning out. Now he will forever be known as the first person to state James' intentions to return back home.

In other cases, reporters can float around even the faintest of inklings about a respective player's intentions and it will be proven false.

Moral of the story, take everything that you see within the hurricane of news over the next few days with a grain of salt.

This brings me to a rumor from Marc Berman of the New York Post stating that the Phoenix Suns and Los Angeles Lakers will be recruiting the services of one Derrick Williams:

Last summer’s free agency was hardly a Jackson bonanza and now he has to fiddle with his own free agents. Jackson wants to re-sign Lance Thomas, Kevin Seraphin and Williams. Williams will be recruited by at least the Lakers and Suns, according to a source.

That's right, apparently we are going to be one of the lucky teams vying to overpay for the former number two overall pick from the University of Arizona.


Williams would be a useful stop-gap option at the four, and could provide some scoring punch off of the bench if needed. But at the same time, he entered the Michael Beasley zone by opting for the dreaded mop-top hairdo last season; the ultimate reason to take a moment and evaluate whether or not he would be a good fit on a young team.

Quite frankly, I would rather overpay for two seasons of Marvin Williams, bring back Mirza Teletovic/Jon Leuer, or aggressively try to sign some of the younger (and more enticing) restricted free agents such as Maurice Harkless. (Derrick) Williams may come with a cheaper price tag, and that is likely the allure from the Suns' perspective if the rumor is in fact true.

Buckle up, everyone, it's about to get wild up in here.

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