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Did Harrison Barnes' elbow put Kevin Love in a Phoenix Suns uniform?

What happens in Cleveland after Golden State closes out the series?

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Ok guys, the Golden State Warriors are going to be crowned NBA champions. Let's move on to other things.

For anyone who watched (I fell asleep for large portions of the second half), Sunday night's Game 2 of the NBA Finals went about as poorly as possible for the Cleveland Cavaliers. If nothing else it saved us all some time, as we will no longer have to make this matchup appointment television.

The 110-77 Warriors win and complete waste of time was perhaps most fully felt by Cavaliers forward Kevin Love. Love caught an inadvertent elbow from Golden State's Harrison Barnes, and after the worst handling of a head injury you're likely to see for awhile, landed on the NBA's concussion protocol.

The latest news is that Love was cleared to travel with the team back to Cleveland before Game 3 on Wednesday.

Of course whether or not Love plays, this series is over. The only motivation for him to remain on the floor is to show he should stay in Cleveland. How he would do that in two games, I'm unsure.

For two seasons, Love has had a target on his back as the reason that the Cavaliers are unable to get over the hump and bring a championship to Cleveland. After this series has concluded, if the Cavs look at what changes need to be made. Lil' Kev's name will likely be at the top of the list.

Dollars to donuts says that it doesn't matter what happens over the course of the next week. The Warriors will be champs, and you'll have seen Love in a Cavs uniform for the last time. Might this shake out with Love in a Suns jersey for the 2016-2017 season?

There will be roughly 4 years and 90 million dollars left on Love's contract when the Cavs decide to shop him around. Should the Suns be interested in acquiring Love? What sort of package could Phoenix offer Cleveland? Don't hurt yourself rushing to give an answer that involves Brandon Knight.

Game 3 is Wednesday at 9pm ET. I had to look that up.

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