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Would the Cavaliers have a shot in the NBA Finals if they had Eric Bledsoe instead of Kyrie Irving?

Changes are coming this summer in Cleveland.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The Golden State Warriors are going to be NBA champions. You already knew that.

After the Dubs put a bow on this series in the next week or so, GM LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers will look to make some changes in the offseason.

At the top of the list is likely forward Kevin Love. Many have speculated however, that Kyrie Irving could also be on the move. Tom Haberstroh and Israel Gutierrez discussed this possibility on ESPN's NBA Lockdown podcast on Monday.

Haberstroh: "Eric Bledsoe is the type of young player, that plays defense, and that's a young player that fits the Cavs brand of basketball, or what LeBron James wants to play."

Gutierrez: "That probably makes more sense than Chris Paul, because Chris Paul needs the ball more, and Bledsoe probably doesn't."

Have a listen, Bledsoe is discussed at the 38 minute mark.

James and Bledsoe share the same agent, Rich Paul, who negotiated Tristan Thompson's contract to remain in Cleveland. If LeBron is an advocate, could Bledsoe be on the move this summer, and what will the asking price be for the Suns?

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