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Phoenix Suns Pre-Draft Workouts Day 11: Henry Ellenson leads the pack

With some international flavor!

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

The Participants

  • Wyoming G Josh Adams
  • Arizona State G Gerry Blakes
  • France F Petr Cornelie
  • Marquette F Henry Ellenson
  • Spain F Juanacho Hernangomez
  • UC Irvine C Mamadou Ndiaye
  • Greece C Georgios Papagiannis

Josh Adams

Measurements via DraftExpress:

DraftExpress Top 100 Prospects Ranking: Not Ranked

Adams is a bouncy guard who shot a hefty 38 percent from three given that he hoisted over eight attempts per game. Most of the highlights you see of him on a YouTube deep dive will be of aerial descent, but his shooting percentages show that he does have a better shooting touch than the typical athletic combo guard.

From the looks of his DraftExpress profile, Adams is not garnering much respect from draft experts, as he sits at a cool 42nd amongst NCAA Seniors.


But perhaps the Wyoming product will get a look outside of the NBA realm and bring his razzle-dazzle game overseas. He looks like a fit on the AND1 Live Tour if you ask me.

Gerry Blakes

Measurements via DraftExpress: Not Given

DraftExpress Top 100 Prospects Ranking: Not Ranked

A last minute call to today's workout, the locally grown Blakes was clearly appreciative of the opportunity to workout for a professional organization.

"Definitely a surreal moment, man. It is a great opportunity and a blessing to come from where I come from and have the opportunity to workout with the Phoenix Suns," Blakes said.

Blakes shot a ghastly 39 percent this past season and does not fall within the age bracket of a "developmental project." Making an NBA imprint will certainly be an uphill climb.

The Arizona State product does not project out to be on any team's radar for anything other than a D-League invite, but it was a pleasure to see a humble guy be given the chance to showcase his talents.

Petr Cornelie

Measurements via DraftExpress: Not Given

DraftExpress Top 100 Prospects Ranking: 27th

One of the more recent prospects to be evaluated by our own Geoff Allen, Cornelie is one of the more intriguing big man prospects towards the latter portion of the first round. As of now, he is wedged between other long-limbed prospects such as Zhou Qi and Juancho Hernangomez.

Approaching a height of seven feet, the Frenchman possesses a crispy shooting stroke that he hopes to extend as far as the NBA three-point line in the near future. He is long and wispy with his strides -- a key aesthetic trait for any NBA talent evaluator. A player that comes to mind when I watch tape of Cornelie is Alexis Ajinca due to his compact shot and desired length that does not translate into as many blocked shots as you would like. (It just so happens that Ajinca is also from France.)

Cornelie will definitely be in the running for the Suns with the 28th selection.

Henry Ellenson

Measurements via DraftExpress:

DraftExpress Top 100 Prospects Ranking: 13th

A versatile big man prospect with a small town charm, Ellenson elected to go the individual workout route rather than the traditional group setting. Though he may be criticized for not seeking out competition, undergoing an individual workout makes absolute sense when you take a look at where his draft stock currently sits.

DraftExpress projects Ellenson to be a top ten pick, and he would be crazy to put that reality to risk by being exposed in a workout against seemingly lesser prospects. After all, money is at stake here.

Ellenson initially seemed gassed prior to the dreaded three-minute run, but he mustered up enough energy to tally 25 baseline touches -- a great number for his size.

Assistant GM Pat Connelly spoke to Ellenson's versatility after the workout.

"His skill level always jumps out. He is a really big kid. His ability to handle the ball and shoot the ball has kind of always been unique for a guy his size," Connelly said. "In high school, at Marquette, and today, he continued to show that he is pretty dynamic for a big guy."

Based upon the fond rendering from Connelly, Ellenson looks to be a target for the Suns if he happens to fall as far as the number 13 spot.

Juancho Hernangomez

Measurements via DraftExpress: Not Given

DraftExpress Top 100 Prospects Ranking: 26th

Hey! I already did a complete breakdown of Hernangomez for you guys last week. Love when that happens.

Unfortunately, the Spaniard was unavailable to the media after his workout today. However, we were able to pepper Connelly about Hernangomez towards the end of his interview. Connelly was clearly enthused by the way Hernangomez shot the ball, and it was interesting to hear that he projects Hernangomez as more of a 3/4 hybrid rather than merely a stretch four.

"[Hernangomez] puts the ball on the floor pretty well. He can go east-west, he can get to the rim a little bit and I think the threat of the jumper always makes your handle a little better, " Connelly said. "I think in time he will be a unique guy who will be able to slide into a couple of different positions."

Mamadou Ndiaye

Measurements via DraftExpress: None since 2012

DraftExpress Top 100 Prospects Ranking: 97th

A true Goliath amongst Goliaths, Ndiaye very much masks the role of the real-life BFG (Big Friendly Giant). He has been the only guy that I have encountered thus far that forced me to position my phone at nearly a 45-degree angle, and he had by the best quote of the day in regards to entryways.

"Maybe people will realize and build, like, an eight-foot door or something," Ndiaye said.

As far as his NBA future goes, most lead-footed big guys outside of Yao Ming fall victim to the speed of the game, and Ndiaye will likely not be the exception to the norm. It would be a worthy strategy to place Ndiaye in front of the rim with his hands up and hope for the best, but it is unlikely that a front office with have enough gumption to do so.

Georgios Papagiannis

Measurements via DraftExpress: Not Given

DraftExpress Top 100 Prospects Ranking: 50th

Another gigantic human, Papagiannis is a European marvel that is projected to be swallowed up sometime in the second round. Standing 7-foot-2, Papagiannis has the sheer size to combat ball handlers in the paint and alter shots at the rim. He is more nimble on his feet than would be expected, and is capable of pounding home lobs at the end point of a pick and roll. These are all valuable things that teams seek in their big men.

Plus, he is only 18 years old and already has been coined the nickname "Big George." That's an extreme step forward towards securing a place in my heart.

Also, I am 99 percent sure that he is not Giannis Antetokounmpo's Papa.

Pat Connelly Alert

That is a wrap one day 11 folks. Stay tuned for more pre-draft workout coverage tomorrow afternoon!

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