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Bright Side of the Sun Podcast w/ Paul Coro: Summer league impressions and Ronnie Price's reported departure

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The podcast is now on iTunes! Please subscribe, rate and whatever else you do with podcasts being on iTunes. Like I said, the second feed will be taken down shortly. For now, take the three extra seconds to find the feed with just two episodes on it. This entire block of text has the link anyway! Don't you feel silly now?

Anyway, special guest hype! The podcast is back and this time we brought in AZCentral's Paul Coro. If you somehow aren't familiar, Paul is the guy when it comes to reporting on the Suns so it's fantastic to have his insight on the pod.

The bossman Dave King was on as well.

We discussed:

  • Ronnie Price's reported departure and why it means more from an insider's perspective
  • Overall impressions of Tyler Ulis, Dragan Bender and Marquese Chriss
  • What to make of Brandon Knight's comments
Here's the soundcloud link!