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Devin Booker wants to spend his entire career with the Phoenix Suns

We want him to stay in Phoenix, too.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The future of the franchise continues to say and do all the right things.

Speaking with SLAM, Suns phenom Devin Booker made it clear that he'd like to remain in Phoenix for the duration of his NBA career.

"I love it in Phoenix and I want to be one of those guys that gets drafted by one team and stays there the whole time," Booker said. "You know, they turn around the franchise, and they get love for that in that city like they're the mayor...People still wear Steve Nash jerseys here. That's definitely something I want to be."

Suns head coach Earl Watson praised the attitude of the 19 year-old.

"He's 19 and he's never afraid. That's what I love about him. He wants it. You have a lot of players in this league that say they want it, but when they get the chance to get it, they really don't want it. You can just see it. You can feel it. But this kid really wants it."

Let's hope this player/coach duo has many successful years to come.

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