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Phoenix Suns NBA 2K ratings leaked: Bledsoe, Knight, Booker, Warren, Chriss, Dudley

The ratings of half the Suns teams are leaked three weeks before NBA 2K17 is released.

Utah Jazz v Phoenix Suns Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Player ratings in video games are a hot debate among fans and the players themselves, and the sooner we get to debate them the better.

The official NBA 2K17 release date is September 20, 2016 and ratings are still being adjusted, but some trusted twitter users are sharing early ratings with the public via twitter.

Here are the Suns highest rated players at this point, pre-release of the NBA 2K17 player ratings for the Suns.

Eric Bledsoe is by far the Suns highest rated player, with an 85 overall. The next highest players are Brandon Knight and Devin Booker both getting a 78. Nice rating for second year guard Booker, but overall the Suns early ratings are predictably low.

Tyson Chandler used to be rated much higher, but late-career ratings drop like player performance. Otherwise, the rest of the team is pretty young and overall won’t rate very high until they start proving it on the court.

Earlier this week, Marquese Chriss’ rookie player rating leaked by Chriss himself.

And here’s Jared Dudley’s:

Brandon Jennings shows that the players do care about how they rate compared to their contemporaries.

To which JD had an appropriate response

More of the ratings will leak in the coming days, so stay tuned.

If you’re curious how the Suns rate compared to the best team in the NBA...

Other leaked ratings of note:

  • NBA Champion and former Suns 10-day contract Jordan McRae: 70
  • Mavericks guard and former Suns 10-day contract Seth Curry: 72
  • 2015 rookie Karl-Anthony Towns: 88
  • 2015 rookie Kristaps Porzingis: 80
  • 2015 rookie D’Angelo Russell: 79
  • 2016 incoming rookie Ben Simmons: 79
  • 2016 incoming rookie Jaylen Brown: 74
  • All-Star and former Suns sixth man Isaiah Thomas: 85

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