Three way trade

Hey there,

Kings fan here with a trade idea. The Suns have a logjam at point guard and need a wing pretty desperately. Don't worry I"m not sending Rudy Gay to you! My trade proposal is as follows:

Sac: Brandon Knight

Phx: Otto Porter, Trey Burke

Wash: Rudy Gay

Otto Porter is a young player who is still developing. Trading for Porter would give you the right to match a contract in restricted free agency if you were pleased with his play. It would also solve the conundrum of your guard play. Obviously, Booker is a stud and Bledsoe is a better player than Knight. Trey Burke would give you guys a backup to Bledsoe and Booker as well.

The Kings would get a starting point guard while Collison misses time and gives us a young asset if we decide to blow things up with Boogie. The Wizards have always been disappointed with the production of Porter, so it gives them a veteran to score while they are in win-now mode.

Let me know what you guys think of the deal and if there are any modifications you would make.