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The annual BSotS feedback poll: Tell us what you think!

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As Bright Side of the Sun approaches our 10th anniversary this winter, I want to know what you all think we are doing well, what we might have stopped doing that you miss, and what we should start doing that we've never done before?

This is always a dangerous proposition, but I like to do it every year anyway.

Sure, we're going to get some trolls in the poll and/or comment section who are so unhappy with themselves they get off on trying to bring anyone and everyone else down to their level, especially when there's 0 personal repercussions involved. But I'll take that chance.

Mostly, we get constructive feedback in these posts that I can use to inform my decisions and suggestions throughout the season.

So let me know what you think!

I'm asking anyone and everyone who reads this here blog - from the 50 or so individuals who log in and frequent the comment section every day to the 200,000 other unique readers every month who hail from 200 different countries around the globe!

For those who log in, I'd love to hear your answers to these questions in the comment section in addition to your poll answers:

1. What I like most about BSotS (keep doing)

2. What I like least or wish would go away (stop doing, or dramatically reduce)

3. What I miss about old BSotS that we just don't see any more (nostalgia!)

4. What's holding back BSotS from being the next big thing (start doing)

Thanks in advance!

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