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Suns Media Day: Open Thread

Follow along as the Suns kick off another campaign today at 10:00am.


The hustle and bustle of Media Day is about to begin. Follow along in the comments section and on social media as the day unfolds.

Twitter follows:

The official Bright Side account - @BrightSideSun

The official big boss account - @DaveKingNBA

The view-from-above account - @SeanSullivanNBA

The man-of-many-hats account - @KellanOlson

The beat reporter from AZ Republic: @PaulCoro

The Suns’ own account: @Suns

I’m sure you can find lots of Media Day stuff on the Suns’ other social media channels like Facebook, Instagram and others.

The live stream can likely be found on at 10:00am.

We will have lots of wrap-up coverage on Bright Side later today, after Sean and I get the time to transcribe and/or post videos to our account.

Follow along here and join the BSotS conversation!

If only we could figure out who has been responsible for putting together the rosters with those unsavory characters over the past few seasons...

It’s nice to set realistic goals.

Whenever a door closes a new one opens. I think I see T.J. walking through that door now.

That’s funny. Last season I still thought you looked like a rookie.

Somebody had to say it.

This too...

But here’s the real question... Can he be as great as that beard?

I think I’ve also gained about 5 to 10 pounds lately. I wonder if Devin has been eating lots of Ben Jerry’s, too.

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