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The Madhouse - Week of September 5, 2016

2016 NBA Rookie Photo Shoot
Marquese Chriss poses for his senior picture, eerily wearing the same number and uniform he will eventually wear for the Phoenix Suns.
Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images

Well, that was fast. Summer is over. NFL season is almost upon us. Basketball season is just about a month away. And here’s my show and tell for the week.

Exhibit A:

Lane Kiffin’s pettiness is tremendous. I don’t particularly like him, but his trolling of USC this weekend has been top notch. You may recall that he was fired in the middle of the night at LAX by the Trojans after a 62-41 loss to Arizona State in 2013. Well, after his Alabama defense (he’s coordinator there now) leveled USC 52-6, he fired this tweet off:

Exhibit B:

Someone is taking music videos, removing the music and adding naturalistic foley sounds and the result is this:

What’s on your mind as we enter the home stretch of the offseason?

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