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Drake wears Suns Booker jersey during concert

If you wondered whether Phoenix Suns teenager - he’s still just 19! - Devin Booker’s presence on a national stage was a figment of your imagination, wonder no more.

Drake, a rapper and noted basketball fan, wore Booker’s jersey during his concert in Phoenix last night.

And there’s this angle as well, from not quite as good a vantage point as Booker’s own.

And here’s one posted by TRS Arena itself.

Drake is not only a Toronto Raptors fan, he’s a huge University of Kentucky Wildcats fan as well. Local beat reporter Paul Coro was apparently on the scene tracking Booker’s progress... and maybe head-nodding to a bit of Drake along the way.

Embrace the hype, Suns fans. You’re not the only ones who think Booker is the next big thing.